Increase Conversion Rates and Average Tickets

ULTIMATE Manager's Ride-Along Training System

Take the guesswork out of ride-alongs... you're about to learn
industry secrets of an effective ride-along.  This system will increase
your average ticket and conversion rate, saving you time and making your business more profitable.

In This Training System, You'll Learn:

  • How to find out what's really going on in the field
  • A Step-by-Step process for conducting ride-alongs the RIGHT way
  • Proven follow-up, feedback and reinforcement methods
  • The 6 C's of Commitment Coaching essential for creating a Win for you, your techs and your clients.
  • How to measure the success of your ride-alongs

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"I’ve done hundreds of ride-alongs all over the world with clients, and this is the system that I use. Because it gets results! I actually have technicians asking for me to ride with them because it’s a comfortable process and they benefit." – Kenny Chapman, The Blue Collar Coach

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